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Thursday, February 26, 2015 - 7 Adar 5775
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5:30 PM in New Brunswick, NJ
Shabbat Ends 6:28 PM
Friday, 27 Feb 2015
Parashat Tetzaveh
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Celebrate Purim with Chabad!
Join us for Purim activities in central and southern New Jersey. Megillah reading and L'chaims! Fun for all ages and the entire family!
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Bennett: Chabad Led Me Back to My Roots
Although Chabad is not necessarily promoting or voting for Bayit Yehudi led by Naftali Bennett. Bennett explains his fondness for Chabad and how...
News & Events

Student Transfer to Rutgers Made Easier
by Blair Donner
It felt like starting from scratch. I had just arrived at my dorm room and my first day at Rutgers University was going to start tomorrow...
Governor Christie Joins NJ Chabad Menorah Lighting
Governor Christie Chanukah Reception singing Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel with Rabbis Yosef & Mendy Carlebach.
RU Chabad celebrates new Sephardi shul
by Debra Rubin, NJJN
Celebrating its 36th anniversary on campus and the opening of the first Sephardi synagogue at any public college in the United States...
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The Weekly Aliyot of the Parsha
A short summary of the Torah portion read in the Synagogue on Shabbat.
Weekly Torah Portion

Ephod, Breastplate & Robe - 3 Unique Vestments
In the Torah portion of Tetzaveh the priestly vestments are described at length. Among the garments worn by the High Priest were the ephod...
Our Parsha - Tetzaveh
Text of Parshah (Hebrew with English translation) - Parshas Tetzaveh.
Olive Oil and the Priestly Garments
by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh
In this week's meditation, Rabbi Ginsburgh describes how we can harness the power of olive oil and transform its properties into the atoning energy...
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Restored to Life
This story took place on a cold winter night in the middle of Shvat last year on one of the settlements in Israel. The local Chabad emissary...

The Times of King Solomon
Will the state of the world in the time of Redemption be similar to the state in the times of King Solomon?
World Records
The fastest 100-meter run is 9.4 meters per second. Apparently, it is impossible to remember more than a million giga-bytes, and nobody has been...
Adding On
by Rabbi Heschel Greenberg
This week’s parshah is named for Yisro (Jethro), the Midianite father-in-law of Moses, who joined the Jewish people in the desert and ended up...
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How To Celebrate
Purim is the festival that commemorates the breathtaking victory over the murderous designs of Haman. It is observed on the fourteenth day of the...

The History of Purim - A Brief Synopsis
It is a story of great courage and self-sacrifice--first and foremost by Queen Esther and Mordechai, and ultimately by the whole Jewish nation...
Thoughts & Essays
A Woman Called Esther * Unfettered By Intellect * The Physical Festival * Beyond Knowledge * Be Happy ;-) * When The Stakes Are High * Cosmic Sleep
Purim Stories
The End Of Stalin * When Only Purim Will Do * The Building Competition * And The Winner Is... * The Heroic Struggle * Purim in Poona * Remembering...
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