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The Rebbe's Triplets
by Rabbi Gershon Avtzon
On Shabbos Parshas Miketz 5752, the Rebbe said: "The Gemara says that Hashem performed many miracles for the King Chizkiya. He loved King Chizkia and wanted to anoint him to be Moshiach. But being that he did not thank Hashem - enough - for the miracles that hashem performed for him, Hashem was not able to do that.

From here we see the importance of spreading the miracles that Hashem did for us, for this hastens Moshiach!"

In this weeks Parsha (Vayeira), we read of the story of the birth of Yitzchak Avinu. It begins with the visit of the three מלאכים to the home of Avraham and Sara. One angel asks, "Where is Sara?" and Avraham answers that she is in the "אוהל" (tent). Right after that answer, she is promised and blessed with a child within the year.

This reminded me of a story that I heard this Shabbas Breishis from the person directly involved in the story (I shortened it as there are many details):

There is a Yungerman from Crown Heights (the one I heard the story from) that has a store in Brooklyn. One of his salesman is a Chassidish Yungerman from Brooklyn. Three years ago, the Chassidish Yungerman comes to his store and asks the Lubavitcher if he can tell him a story of the Rebbe. The Lubavitcher Yungerman pushed him off.

For the past two and half years, the Chassidishe Yungerman keeps on asking him for a story and us declined each time. Six months ago, the Lubavitcher Yungerman agreed and told him some stories of the Rebbe. The Chassidishe Yungerman starts crying and tells the following to the Lubavitcher storekeeper:

I have been married for 8 years now. After my first year of marriage, we were blessed with a child. For the next couple of years, we have not had children. We went to many doctors and they all said that according to science and medicine, we will not be able to have any more children. They were actually surprised that we had the first child!

I wanted some inspiration in my life and when I saw you, I asked you to share some stories of your Rebbe. You refused until now. The Lubavitcher Yungeman really felt bad that he pushed this person off for so long. After a few more minutes of talking, the Lubavitcher Yungerman told the Chassidishe Yungerman that he should got to the Ohel. He said that he would discuss this with his wife and get back to him.

A few days later, the Chassidishe Yungerman called back his Lubavitcher friend and agreed to the suggestion. They made up to go a certain Motzoei Shabbas last winter. The Chassidishe Yungerman walked in and within thirty seconds, he runs out, gets into his car and disappears. The Lubavitcher Yungerman went home wondering what just transpired but decided to keep quiet and not ask any questions.

Right before this past Rosh Hashono, the Lubavitcher Yungerman gets a call from the Chassidishe Yungerman. The Chassidishe yungerman tells him the following: "You must be wondering what happened six months ago? On my way there, I kept asking myself, if I really should be going, but I knew that this is my only hope.

When I entered, the internal pressure was so strong, that within thirty seconds I had to run out. I am calling to give you the good news, that my wife is 5 months pregnant with triplets!

May the healthy babies be born in a safe safe and easy manner and may we merit to the final revelation of our Rebbe NOW!!


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