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Moshiach in the Parsha - Bo


Shemos 12:1

Pesikta Rabosi, Parshas Hachodesh 7
In the beginning of the month of Nissan, Moshe Rabbeinu came to the Jewish people and told them, "This month (Ha'Chodesh Hazeh) you will be redeemed." They objected and said, "But G-d said we would be in exile for 400 years, and we have been in Egypt for only 210 years!" Moshe answered, "Since G-d wants to redeem you, He is skipping all these years".
So too when the time comes for redemption, Moshiach will tell us, "This month (Ha'chodesh Hazeh) you will be redeemed!" The Jewish people will object and say, "Rabeinu Melech Ha'Moshiach, how can we be redeemed? G-d said we first must be enslaved by 70 nations!"
And Moshiach will answer "Since we have been spread out in many countries, it is as if all the Jewish people went there. Therefore, we have fulfilled G-d's condition and this month we will be redeemed!"



Shemos 12:1

Shmos Rabbah 15:21 
When Moshe Rabbenu spoke to the Jewish people about the month (chodesh) of Nissan, he hinted to them the new things (chidushim) which will happen at the time of our redemption. There are 10 words in this verse which hint to 10 things:
1) G-d will make the sun shine 49 times brighter then now! This bright sun will heal peoples' sicknesses.
2) Water will come out from Yerushalayim and heal more people.
3) Trees will give fruit every month, not just once a year. This fruit will heal anyone that is still sick.
4) All cities which were destroyed will be rebuilt. Even S'dom and Amorah will stand again.
5) G-d will rebuild Jerusalem with precious jewels - the sapir stone which was used on the chosen of the Kohen Gadol. These stones will shine like the sun.
6) Even wild animals (such as bears) will play peacefully with tame animals (such as cows) and even with children.
7) G-d will gather all the animals, birds and insects together and make them promise to never hurt a Jew.
8) Nobody will cry or be unhappy anymore.
9) Nobody will die anymore.
10) There will no longer be sighs, moans, or groans, and everybody will be happy forever.  



Shemos 12:3

Mishnas R. Eliezer quoted in Torah Shleima 12:73
Before sacrificing the Pascal offering, the Jews spent four days learning and preparing for it. They tied a sheep to their bed, checking that it should be blemish free and learning the laws of this sacrifice. G-d rewarded them with the redemption from Egypt and performed so many wonders and miracles.
If the Jews merited the redemption because of these four days, we can be sure that we will merit the final redemption as a result of the Torah we have learned all of our days!  



Shemos 12:33-34

Isaiah 52:12. Radak 
The Jewish people left Egypt in a big rush. The Egyptians hurried them out, and the Jews had to eat Matza since there was not enough time for the dough to rise. The final redemption will be different. There will be no people behind us; we will not be rushed and will not be afraid of anyone. We will walk calmly and proudly out of exile.



Shemos 12:41

Shmos Rabbah 18:11
The exodus from Egypt took place at night when it was dark outside. G-d performed such great miracles even while it was dark because He knew that this redemption would not last forever. Other exiles and enslavements followed.
The final redemption will also take place at night, but it will not be dark at all. G-d will make the moon shine as bright as the sun, which will be seven times brighter than its usual brightness. This light will be just like the light that G-d made shine at the beginning of



Shemos 12:42

Rosh Hashana 11b
Rabbi Yehoshua says that just as we were redeemed from Egypt in the month of Nisan, so too the redemption through Moshiach will be in the month of Nisan. Where do we see this in the Torah?
Regarding the night of the exodus from Egypt, it is written, "It is a night of protection for G-d ... for all the Jewish people for the generations." This refers to the fact that this day has been "protected" and watched since the universe was created, since it is the day when the world will reach its perfection -- with the redemption.



Sources : Mishna Brochos Perek 12b., Haggadah Shel Pesach
We are instructed to remember the day when we came out of Egypt, "all the days of your life." Why does the word "all" need to be included? It could have just said, "your entire life"!
Ben Zoma explains that one must mention the exodus from Egypt even at night. The Sages say that even after Moshiach is revealed we will mention the exodus from Egypt.
The Rebbe points out that the Mishna says, "To bring (l'havi) the days of Moshiach" instead of "to include" the days of Moshiach". This teaches us that "all of our days" must be devoted "to bring the days of Moshiach".


* * *


"On the tenth of the month, every man is to take a lamb.. guard it until the fourteenth day of this month, and then slaughter it.."(Bo 12:3-6)


This is the mitzvah of the Pesach-offering.
It was to be held in the Jewish homes for several days to arouse the curiosity of the Egyptians who worshipped the lamb as their idol.
The Jews were to tell them openly, without fear, that they intend to slaughter it on the fourteenth of Nissan.
Needless to say, this required from the Jews great courage and absolute faith in G-d.
The redemption from Egypt happened by virtue of this fortitude and mesirat nefesh (readiness for self-sacrifice) on the part of the Jewish people.
Our sages thus relate that before that day the Jews were devoid of mitzvot, and in fact very assimilated to the Egyptian lifestyle. G-d therefore provided them with the mitzvah of the Pesach- offering, and by merit of this mitzvah, compounded with the mesirat nefesh required for its fulfillment, they were redeemed from Egypt.
The prophet says, "As in the days of your going out from Egypt, I will show [the people] wondrous things." (Michah 7:15)
This means that the exodus from Egypt is a paradigm for the future redemption by Moshiach.
When the Torah offers an example or model, the analogy is precise, corresponding in all details.
This applies in our case as well: the conditions which brought about the exodus from Egypt will also bring about the exodus from our present galut.
Thus just as the exodus from Egypt resulted from fortitude, inner strength, faith and mesirat nefesh, so, too, the Messianic redemption will come about by our acting with such vigor and mesirat nefesh.
Every mitzvah must be observed with determination, thus for sure also the mitzvah of Ahavat Yisrael (love of Israel) which is the fundamental principle of the entire Torah.
This mitzvah must be fulfilled with vigor and without our being affected by anyone: one must speak with fellow-Jews about Torah and mitzvot.
If ineffective at first, one must speak to them again and again. There is no reason to be impressed by a seemingly antagonistic reaction.
On the contrary, the perceived antagonism actually proves that the person addressed is affected.
Thus we must continue with him time and again until he becomes receptive, and do so with vigor and conviction.
To be sure, in order to be heard one must speak gently and with composure, but with vigor nonetheless.
When not successful at first, the fault lies not in the other but within yourself. The listener is a good person, but because your words did not "come from the heart" that is why "they did not enter the heart."
When going about our task with vigor and mesirat nefesh, without being affected at all by the world around us, all aspects of opposition will be nullified and cease to be, and the Messianic redemption will come about very speedily in our very own days.


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