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Thursday, September 16, 2021 - 10 Tishrei 5782
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Friday, 17 Sep 2021
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Dear Moishe
by Tzippy Weiss

My wound is fresh, my tears have not yet dried, and my heart is broken but still I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I thought of you on your second Birthday and so did thousands of other Mothers. Your Ima was probably planning a beautiful birthday party for you in your Chabad house, singing "Yom Huledet Sameach" at your Shabbos table while you clapped in delight as all the Shabbos guests joined in, smiling and admiring your absolute cuteness. Then she and Abba would lovingly hug you and shower you with millions of kisses and bentch you in front of everyone that you should grow to be a Chassidishe boy a Yiras Shomayim and a soldier in Hashem's Army and the Rebbe's army, but the Aibishter had other plans for your parents and the Birthday was not a happy one.

Your Upshernish, Bar Mitzvah and every birthday in between and after will be also your heilige parents Yartzeit! Moishele you are the Mumbai Miracle, thanks to Sandra and the Aibishter who guarded and saved you. You are here because you will be the living legacy for your parents and carry on all that they stood for. You have their koichois within you! Although you are way too young to understand, one day soon you will realize your parents are kedoishim and gave their lives Al Kiddush Hashem Mamosh.

They lived in India, far from friends and Saba and Safta and your relatives. They sacrificed all comforts of living back home where kosher food, Chassidishe education, and decent living surroundings are readily available, all to be able to bring Yiddishkeit to any person traveling or living in India. Moishele, in the five years your parents lived there do you know how many lives they've touched? So many people put on Tefillin, light shabbos candles, and keep kosher all because of your mommy and tatty. So many people have written stories and letters about your parents and how special and amazing they are.

People around the world even those who don't know them, love them and feel pain and at a loss of words that they are gone. For me, dear Moishele I have no words of comfort to express to you, that you have lost both your parents. I feel as if I lost a brother and sister. I feel as if you are my nephew. My children feel as if you are one of them. Moishele, the only words of comfort that we can offer you is that wherever you go in this world whether it is anywhere in the United States, China, Russia, Australia, Africa, Israel, Canada, or anywhere in Europe you will always have thousands of "mommies and tatties" "brothers and sisters" who will welcome you with open arms and loving hearts just like your parents did for every single person. In memory of your parents we will all fight harder and stronger in the Rebbe's army.

We will do more and encourage others to do more. In the last few days thousands of people around the world said extra tehillem, did an extra mitzvah, lit Shabbos candles, accepted tefillin, and determined to do extra acts of kindness all in the z'chus of your parents. You see, your parents continue doing shlichus even from shomayim, they don't give up. Moishele when I tuck my kinderlach into bed at night I will think of you.

When I read them a story, say Shema, and turn off the light I will think of you. When I hug my youngest son Shneur Zalman who is your age, your image will also be in my mind. Your parents were a part of MY family and you will always be MY family. You may have lost your biological parents but you have over 3500 "mommies and tatties" around the globe. We love you Moishele and you will always be on our minds. May Hashem avenge the blood of your parents and send us the Geulah immediately, so you can be reunited with your real Ima and Abba once again.
With lots  of love and heartfelt emotion,

Shlucha and Mother,
Tzippy Weiss
Miami Lakes, Fl



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