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Miracles in the South

The recently declared ceasefire in the IDF operation in Gaza meant that residents of Southern Israel could finally emerge from their bunkers and return home. People had been living in bomb shelters because of the frequent attacks on southern Israeli cities like Ashkelon, Ashdod, Sderot, Beersheba and Ofakim.

Now that life is slowly returning to normal for residents of Southern Israel, let us recount the many miracles that occurred during the days of the war, and praise G-d for His continued protection and salvation.

Miracle in Sderot


Among the miracles in Sderot over the last weeks was one that took place at the home of the Rebbe’s emissaries, Rabbi Chananel and Mrs. Pizem. Their home sustained a direct hit and will need extensive repairs to return it to its former state, yet no one was hurt.

“We experienced a big miracle,” said Rabbi Pizem excitedly. “It was the eighth day of Chanuka and we had spent the day with friends in Jerusalem in order to rest up a bit and have a change of scenery. While we were there, we got a phone call from my brother Moshe informing us that there wouldn’t be school the next day, by order of the rear command. So we decided to stay another day in Jerusalem.

“The evening of the second day I wrote to the Rebbe about the serious situation. I asked the Rebbe whether to return to Sderot with my family or remain in Jerusalem for another day. The Rebbe’s clear answer was in volume 7 of the Igros Kodesh. It was a letter that the Rebbe wrote to a couple who asked for a blessing for their imminent aliya.

“The Rebbe blessed them, adding that Eretz Yisroel is the land which has Hashem’s eyes upon it constantly. Just as you dress appropriately before going to the king, so too you need to make spiritual preparations in thought, speech, and action for a trip to Eretz Yisroel. To us, this was an answer that our vacation was over and we were returning to Sderot.

“Every Tuesday morning, my wife takes a course in Kfar Chabad in teaching brides, so we decided to stop in Kfar Chabad on our way to Sderot. I would put my children in the schools there so at least they could study for a few hours, during which time my wife would be able to take her course at Beis Rivka. Then we would all return to Sderot.

“At one o’clock in the morning I got a phone call from my nephew Osher. He informed me that a Kassam had landed on our house. It destroyed our bedroom and cracked all the walls of the house. The entire house is covered with holes.

“To drive home the magnitude of the miracle, a dog that had been in the yard at the time was killed. It is frightening to think of ourselves at home, with the children playing in the house or in the yard as they do each day.

“I wrote to the Rebbe and opened to an amazing answer. It was a letter to a couple, in which the Rebbe wrote that they ought to be happy that Hashem placed them in the ‘corner of light’ in Kfar Chabad. The Rebbe extolled the virtues of Kfar Chabad and concluded the letter with, ‘from now on may you have only good news to relate.’ My family remained in Kfar Chabad that day, while I immediately traveled to Sderot to continue our work there.”


Miracles in Beersheba

One missile fell during the night in Beersheba and hit a kindergarten. The kindergarten is located in a densely populated residential neighborhood, yet nobody was hurt. Had it landed even a meter away, it would have caused much loss of life. Another missile landed during the day in a school. The night before, the city decided not to open the schools. There was great debate over this decision, but it ended up being the right step, as a tragedy was prevented.


Miracles in Ashkelon

  • A fellow was sitting in his car when the air raid siren went off. He thought it would be safer to wait it out in the car until the all-clear siren would sound. However, his daughter who was with him in the car said, “No, we are not allowed to be outside when the siren goes off. We must go into the bomb shelter.” As soon as the two of them took cover, the building right next to where their car was parked took a direct hit. The shrapnel tore through the car, ripping it apart like paper.
  • One man was showering when his wife came banging on the door to tell him that he has 30 seconds to get into the shelter. He quickly got dressed and ran into the other room. The missile landed right in the shower.


  • Near a Chabad school in Ashkelon, there are two eight-story apartment buildings with a parking lot between them. One missile landed in the parking lot, bypassing the two tall buildings. The only damage was to a few empty cars. It was almost as if the missile were aimed directly at the spot where it would do the least harm.


An apartment building in Ashkelon had a small flower bed in front of it. A missile missed the building and landed right in the flower bed. When a missile hits earth, rather than concrete, the earth absorbs most of the impact and there is no secondary damage from flying shrapnel.


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