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Thursday, September 28, 2023 - 13 Tishrei 5784
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Why Moshiach at every opportunity?


Why is it necessary to speak constantly about Moshiach, at every opportunity?


There are people who are unable to understand how one can talk over and over again about the coming of Moshiach, and how one can stress every time that at that particular moment the redemption can come. They are willing to concede that an occasional mention of the subject might be in order, but why does it have to be raised at every opportunity, and with such tangible immediacy?

The very asking of this question is in itself a result of exile. A person can become so permeated with a feeling of exile that he cannot sense the impending redemption, to the point that any discussion of it sounds like a dream. In truth, however, the opposite is true: It is the exile that resembles a dream, as explained in Chassidus.

There is a positive side to this analogy, for in one moment one can wake up and return to reality. In the same way, the entire Jewish people can return in one moment to their true reality - to a state in which they love G-d and cleave to Him, to an actual state of Redemption. Current conditions can be transformed in one moment literally, so that on this very day, and at this very moment, people will open their eyes and suddenly see that our Righteous Moshiach is here with us.

Thus, speaking about redemption, even on a constant basis, is a positive thing, for it gets our minds focused on the goal of bringing about the true and complete redemption. Talking about Moshiach helps make the concept less abstract and more part of our everyday reality.

(Torah Or, Vayeishev, p. 28c. Sicha of Pinchas, 1984. From Exile to Redemption, p. 120)



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