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Insights - Q&A on Redemption


What will be some differences in the way the earth will yield its produce, in the days of Moshiach?


In general, the differences in the yield of the earth before and after Moshiach comes can be broken down into five:

Unusual quantity and quality: “There will be a time that a stalk of wheat will grow straight up similar to a palm tree... Wheat will be as large as two kidneys of a huge ox... Every grapevine in the Land of Israel will require the entire city to pick its grapes... Every nonfruit tree in Eretz Yisroel will produce fruit to load up two donkeys. These grapes will produce tasty red wine that will be intoxicating and it will provide pleasure for both young and old men.

Unusually rapid growth: “In the future, trees will bear fruits in one day.” The earth will give forth its produce-not like it does now, but like in the days of Adam, when the seed would be planted and reaped in one day.

Unusual ease in planting and reaping the produce: “It will not be any trouble to harvest this wheat, for Hashem will cause the wind to blow and fine flour will fall from it. People will go to their fields and gather a palmful of flour and that will be sufficient to support his entire household.”

Barren trees giving fruit: “In the future, all barren trees in the Land of Israel will bear fruit, as is written, “The tree will bear its fruits, and the fig tree and vine will give forth their yield.” Rashi interprets, “[since it is written] ‘The fig tree and vine will give forth their yield,’ why is it necessary to say ‘The tree will bear its fruits’? This teaches us that even barren trees will give fruits.” Not only this, but even the leaves and bark of the trees will be edible.

Growth of unusual types of produce: R. Gamaliel sat and expounded, Palestine is destined to bring forth cakes and wool robes, for it is said, There shall be an handful of corn in the land. Rashi interprets: “This implies, corn as wide as a handbreadth, i.e., cakes as wide. The Hebrew pissath bar may also be translated pure wool (or, silken) garments.”

(Toras Kohanim, Bechukotai 26:4, Tractate Shabbos 30b, Tractate Kesubot 111b)



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