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Wednesday, February 28, 2024 - 19 Adar I 5784
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Grand Unification Theory
The so-called “arrow of time” has puzzled and intrigued mankind since time immemorial. Why does time move only forward? Why is it impossible to reverse the flow of time? Why do we move through time only from the present to the future? Einstein’s theory of relativity took the scientific world by storm because he demonstrated that the dimension of time is symmetrical, like the three spatial dimensions. Just as we can go up or down, forward or backward, right or left, in theory we can go backward or forward in time. It is only from our perspective that time moves forward with no possibility of the reverse.

A group of researchers from Great Britain and Canada have recently proposed a radical new theory to resolve the dilemma. According to them, at the moment of creation the world split into two domains—in one, the arrow of time moves forward, and in a second one (which is hidden from our eyes), time moves only backwards.

According to one of the researchers, Dr. Julian Barbour, time is a mystery. All rules of physics function the same way forward and reverse, and it is not clear why our world moves only in one direction. The universe expands but does not contract. We grow older but not younger, and messes form but do not clean themselves up. In theory, a universe exists that is symmetrical to ours in every respect, except time runs in reverse—it is contracting rather than expanding, people are growing younger, broken objects spontaneously assemble themselves, until the clock “runs out” back into the initial point from which everything formed.

A strange concept. However, according to the mystical teachings of Kabballah, a similar process did take place during the initial creation of the universe—not in the physical plane but in the spiritual. When the world was initially created, it was unified with G-d to the point that no creature had independent existence. As the world expanded, creatures assumed more “independence,” meaning that they felt themselves unique and distanced from G-d. From G-d’s perspective, however, the world emanates from Him and is an extension of Him. Thus, there can be no independent existence and the world poses no “threat” to G-d’s unity.

In the time of Redemption, all the creatures that now feel distant and independent of G-d will return to their source. In a “reverse evolution,” everything will be resorbed in G-d’s original light. The amazing thing, however, is that we will return to G-d’s essence without losing our identity in the process.

The rules of physics will not change. There will only be a small mental switch. When we focus just a little less on ourselves and a little more on others and on G-d, we approach the state of absolute unity, when we will be reunited with the essence of G-d.



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