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Scientism: Readers React
by Dr. Arnie Gotfryd
"A hundred and fifty years ago they thought that science and physics spoke the absolute truth. Kant and Einstein proved that science never did and never will be able to give absolute truths. The scientist can only say: If you will accept these axioms and these methods of deduction, you will come to the following conclusions.." -
Readers Write 
Last week's newsletter, criticizing Big Bang cosmology and heliocentric physics as inappropriate for a Chabad high school, proved to be a lightning rod for feedback. Comments ranged from absolute agreement to shock and dismay. Following are a few excerpts and responses.

"I agree with your assessment of evolution and big bang cosmology but the earth's revolution around the sun and its rotation about its axis are science facts, not scientism!... I say shame on you Dr. Gotfryd." - Paul K., Georgia

Would you say 'Shame on Albert Einstein,' as well? It is his general relativity itself that denies that these are science facts. Here's how distinguished astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle puts it on p.416 of his book, Astronomy and Cosmology: "Today we cannot say that the Copernican theory is right and the Ptolemaic theory is wrong in any meaningful sense. The two theories... are physically equivalent to one another." - AG
"It is good to hear clear, sound, unequivocal advice on the subject, and I hope it attracts the attention it deserves and leads people in the right direction." - Prof. Robert B., NY

"I thoroughly enjoyed the material you forwarded me. It did answer many of my concerns but did not convince me 100%. I am not sure what would... Dr. Steve J., NY

"Dr. Gotfryd, please send the links you referred to when you said, 'Hold that thought, send me an email and I'll link you to resources that will explain scientifically why all the above-mentioned pseudo-scientific claims above are not really in the realm of science at all, but rather of scientism, the unverifiable speculations that constitute the mythology that many of today's scientists espouse as true.'" - TG, SRJ, DR, ...

Re Big Bang, first see here and read the two Soul of Science articles there. On evolution I suggesting starting with this article and then reviewing this chapter. About relativity and geocentrism, start with this. Let me know how it goes. - AG
Next week, G-d willing, one more response, this one a Gentile pediatrician in the midwest, who shares his record of a recent dialogue he's had with the local Jewish Community Council in his town.
The Rebbe - Mind Over Matter 


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