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Women & the Redemption

What is the role of women in bringing the Redemption?

During the enslavement of the Jewish People in Egypt, the men-folk were discouraged and did not want to bring more children into the world. However, the women encouraged their husbands to procreate and have large families, despite the suffering and hardships.  G-d looked with special favor on the efforts of the women to beautify themselves for their husbands and lift their spirits despite the harsh slavery.  Regarding the women in Egypt, our sages say:  “In the merit of the righteous women of that generation, our ancestors were redeemed from Egypt, and in their merit we will be redeemed in the future.”

The self-sacrifice of the women of that generation to bear children serves as a light and inspiration for our time.  As the Lubavitcher Rebbe said:  “If the righteous women in that generation, who were enslaved, and had to contend with Pharaoh’s decree to throw all newborn boys into the Nile, still kept faith and carried out their mission with full faith in G-d… Certainly in our generation, Jewish women can and must fulfill their purpose and mission, without any calculations, which are only enticements of the evil inclination.  There is no need to worry about how to sustain the additional children, since G-d has already shown that He has the power to provide sustenance for children in even the most difficult circumstances.

The Rebbe added that these words are especially applicable to the present generation.  We are the final generation of exile and the first generation of Redemption.  The Arizal explains that our generation is the reincarnation of the souls that left Egypt.  We have the opportunity once again to be the ones to bring the Redemption.

(Sotah 11:2. Shaar Hagilgulim, Hakdama 20. Torat Menachem 5746, vol. 2, p. 310)



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