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Friday, July 19, 2024 - 13 Tammuz 5784
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The work for today


If we are already living in the time of Moshiach, does that mean that there is no more work for us to do?


The closer we come to the beginning of the true redemption, every cherished moment becomes increasingly valuable, because we have to make haste and get ready for the coming of King Moshiach.  Now, more than ever, we must use every moment to the utmost.

A person might think that since we are now at the threshold of the Redemption, there is no need for further exertion:  all he has to do is to tie up his bundles and wait for Moshiach to arrive.

However, we must note that even when our forefathers encamped only briefly in the wilderness, they established themselves on a permanent basis.  They set up camp and erected the Mishkan, Tabernacle, with all its related divine service, even though the very next day they might need to take it apart.  Even if we are likewise in exile for only a short time, for only one moment longer, that single moment should be lived as if it were permanent; that single moment needs to be crammed with Torah and good deeds.

Even during the last moments of exile, we should work indefatigably to do as many mitzvot as possible and fill every moment with goodness.  The knowledge that Moshiach's coming is imminent in no way weakens our efforts; on the contrary, it energizes them, for when we realize that every individual endeavor helps end the exile. Indeed, one person's individual effort can tip the scales and bring the redemption.

Maimonides expresses it thus:  "If a person performs one mitzvah, he has tipped the scales to the merit of himself and of the entire world, and has brought deliverance and salvation upon himself and upon them all."

(Igrot Kodesh XIII, p. 50; Sicha of Parshat Vayigash 1987; Likuttei Dibburim III, p. 79; Hilchot Teshuva 7:5; Sefer Hasichos 5748, vol. I, p. 126.  From Exile to Redemption, pp. 116-118)



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