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Why hasn't Moshiach come yet?


If all the signs of redemption have already been fulfilled, why hasn't Moshiach come yet?


This is a perfectly legitimate question that we must cast up to G-d Himself.

This question is the greatest puzzle and mystery of all - one for which there really is no satisfactory answer. As far back as in the times of the Talmud, our sages taught that "all the appointed times have passed." How much more so must this be today, after all the divine service of our people throughout this long and bitter exile, for over a thousand and nine hundred years. Moshiach must certainly come immediately!

Furthermore, we have already begun to see signs of Moshiach's effect in the world. Quiet revolutions for the good have taken place in countries across the globe. Democratization is a growing trend. These positive changes serve as a foretaste of the era of Moshiach, when all nations will live in peace and tranquility. Yet, with all these positive developments, where is Moshiach himself? What is causing the delay?

Indeed, this is a perfectly legitimate question that we must cast up to G-d Himself. We need to turn to Him with the demand of Ad Matai? How much longer must we remain in exile? Why is the redemption delayed? Just the very fact that G-d sees our impatience for the redemption will cause Him to hasten Moshiach's coming. It may be that the only thing remaining is for us to cry out to G-d to bring Moshiach.

Surely, when Moshiach comes, he will provide an answer to our questions in person. In the meantime, though, the question must not be allowed to weaken our spiritual endeavors. On the contrary, it should spur us ahead with even greater vitality, since we realize that Moshiach could appear at any moment.



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