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Sunday, January 21, 2018 - 5 Shevat 5778
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Kosher Dining

First name
Last name
Jewish Name
Date of Birth
Student Email address
Parent Email address
Home Phone Number
Cell phone number
Rutgers ID
Home address
High School Attended
Fathers name
Mothers Name
Do you have any dietary allergies restrictions?*
If yes - please explain:
Fathers Jewish name
Mothers Jewish name

* Dining Services will work with students who have special dietary needs to ensure a medically appropriate and nutritionally balanced diet.


Yes, I want to be a member of Chabad House. (4-year membership for $18. Please make separate check payable to CHSA)

Meal Plans:*

Complete 255 Plan (Block of 255 Meals/Per Semester) $2360 / Per Semester
Traditional 225 Plan (Block of 225 Meals/Per Semester) $2250 / Per Semester
Flex 160 Plan (Block of 160 Meals/Per Semester) $1950 / Per Semester
Part-Time 80 Plan (Block of 80 Meals/Per Semester) $1040 / Per Semester

                                  Fall 2017                                    Spring 2018

 * All Shabbat meals are free. A semester is approximately 16 weeks

Note: Notification from Chabad House Jewish Student Center at Rutgers University confirming your paid up membership for a minimum of fourteen (14) meals/ week, will exempt you from your Rutgers meal plan obligation. If you are already signed up at the Rutgers Dining Hall, simply fill out our Meal Plan Contract, submit your payment to Chabad House, and we will notify Rutgers of your preference. Rutgers Dining will then credit you according to their policy.

 Check here to switch from the RU Dining Plan to a Chabad House Kosher Dining Plan. Indicate your Chabad House Dining Plan choice above. Please note that you must pay for your Chabad House Kosher Dining Plan directly to Chabad House.

* Fall 2017 Semester fees due by August 8, 2017. Spring 2017 Semester fees due by December 12, 2018

Terms & Conditions: The Chabad House Meal Plan provides daily kosher meals when the university is in session. Shabbat dinner on Friday nights and lunches on Saturday are served after services, free of charge. A schedule of services and meals is posted each week in the lobby. The meal program begins on the first day of classes and continues until the last day of final exams, for a total of thirty-two (32) weeks. Meal plans may not be altered after the first week of the semester. Meal Plan fees cannot be prorated and are not refundable. Take-out meals are available when arranged for in advance. Meal plans are non-transferable. Chabad House Meal Plan students may bring guests to meals. The student guest fees are: Breakfast – $8.00; Lunch -$13.00; and Dinner -$18.00. There is no charge for Shabbat guests.

PLEASE NOTE that students signed up for the Complete or Traditional Meal Plans, may use up to 10 of their meals each semester for guests. A “guest” student can only use this privilege up to 10 times per semester. They cannot be a “guest” for someone else afterwards.

There shall be no soliciting or canvassing in the building whatsoever without written approval from the Director. Students may not post or leave flyers, pamphlets, etc., without the express permission of the Director. Students will be courteous and friendly to fellow students and dining hall personnel. In keeping with Rutgers policy, anyone exhibiting disruptive behavior will be required to leave the premises. Any student asked to leave the premises will not be entitled to a refund. This dining agreement requires self-busing. All students are required to clean their place after eating. The Chabad House Meal Plan is an honor system. If you are signed up for a meal program, you are welcome to eat all you can eat at every meal. However, you may not eat a meal at Chabad House and then pack up additional food to go. (Exception: if you are packing up to go for your next scheduled meal, than it is permissible. Please inform the kitchen staff of your intention.) Under no circumstances may you pack up a meal for anyone else, at any time.

Please note that the Chabad House Parking Lot is unavailable for students.

I hereby accept from Chabad House Jewish Student Center at Rutgers University the above noted meal plan arrangements. I agree to abide by the Chabad House Dining terms and conditions governing this agreement.

After you click "Submit" you will be forwarded to the payment page. Thank you!

By clicking "submit" you agree to the above terms and conditions.
*Type the code you see in the picture below.(Letters are not case-sensitive)


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