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What Can Ten Million Dollars Buy?


Scheduled to be completed by September 2010

$10 Million Expansion Campaign

Introducing the Rutgers Chabad House

  • “The most valuable real estate on campus,”

    Dining Hall/Auditorium

    Dormitory Rooms

    Main Lobby


    Sepfardic Synagogue

    Student Lounge

    Excercise Room

  • “Like being on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan,”
  • “The heart of the university and the center of it all,”
  • “Walk inside to see why Chabad House is the place for Jewish students.”

If this is what people are already saying about Rutgers Chabad House, wait to hear what they’ll say after the expansion.

Why is Chabad House Expanding?

As long as they keep coming … we’ll keep building

The Chabad House at Rutgers University is a magnificent environment teeming with youthful optimism and Jewish activities. The students who use this wonderful resource recognize the Chabad House as their center for everything Jewish on the Rutgers Campus. As beneficiaries of the world’s largest university Chabad House, they recognize the value provided by the Chabad House.

But, "there was a time when it wasn’t clear why constructing a facility the size and scope of our present building was neces sary," says Rabbi Yosef Carlebach, Executive Director of the Rutgers Chabad House. "It was self-evident to many of Chabad House’s early supporters, but we still needed to justify our plans by saying, ‘If we build it, they will come.’ Thank G-d they’re still coming. So now we must build again."

Just one decade after completion, the 35,000 square feet Les Turchin Chabad House at Rutgers University, a building that once seemed gargantuan, borders on inadequate. Over 400 Jewish students each day rely on Chabad House for essential services. These include daily prayer services, kosher meals, socializing with other Jews, a women’s dormitory, religious study classes, student activism and community service, personal and religious counseling, chesed programs, lectures, holiday meals and events, and so much more.

Year after year at Chabad House, more and more students find their way through the front doors. Clearly, success begets success. With each passing year, more Jewish students choose Rutgers University specifically for the broad range of amenities Jewish Rutgers student enjoy—due in no small part to the Chabad House.

"We’re determined to accommodate our current student body," says Rabbi Carlebach. "But we have to insure that future generations of students receive the same care and attention. That’s why the time to expand is today."






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