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Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - 18 Adar I 5784
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Be Part of $10 Million Expansion

Honor a Loved One In Perpetuity with a Tribute or Memorial

New Building Dedication - $2,500,000

  • While the current Rutgers Chabad House is already the largest university Chabad House in the United States, the new expansion project will unquestionably secure this distinction for generations to come. Having your family name on the expansion wing assures your eternal connection to a remarkable institution. Untold thousands of students will benefit from the essential services provided by Chabad House in the forthcoming decades. By dedicating the Chabad House expansion as your legacy namesake, students from around the world will associate you with the wonderful and meaningful times spent within our magnificent complex and its state-of-art amenities.

Kosher Dining Hall and Auditorium - $1,000,000

  • The dining areas at the Rutgers Chabad House have traditionally been the nucleus of student activity. The proposed 7,000 square feet, with an additional 4,000 square feet for kitchen and storage, will enable greater numbers of students to utilize these areas, as well as provides the capacity for large catered events. The enlarged area will remain the central meeting area, the communal space for Shabbat and holiday meals. The dining room and auditorium will also have a stage for live performances, concerts, and lectures. Make the dining room and auditorium your family’s namesake for a perpetual connection to the one place on campus all Jewish students associate with Jewish activities and unity.

Campus Dedication - $1,000,000

  • The outstanding location Chabad House secured over a decade ago continually yields benefits. The Chabad House’s attractive facade has long been a credit to its well-traversed College Avenue address. Soon, changes along College Avenue will make the Chabad House even more significant as a campus landmark. As the campus planning commission implements its master plan, College Avenue will soon convert to a lush, tree- and grass-lined pedestrian mall. When that occurs, Chabad House, which will stand at the boundary of the mall will become a destination in its own right. Now is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure you namesake legacy. By dedicating the Chabad House campus, your campus namesake will be highly visible to thousands of Rutgers students, faculty, and visitors every day for generations to come.

Sephardic Synagogue - $650,000

  • The Sephardic heritage has its first significant appearance at the Rutgers University campus within the walls of the brand new Sephardic synagogue at the Chabad House. Through this synagogue, the traditions of our Sephardic students will remain strong. A daily minyan in Nusach Sephardit will allow for Sephardic students to feel comfortable as well as remain committed to their prayer and learning. The décor of this synagogue will match that which is familiar to most Sephardic synagogues. As the growth of Sephardic students on campus increases steadily, you can be assured that the synagogue you dedicate will provide a familiar place, among fellow Jews, for every Sephardic student at Rutgers University.

Main Entrance - $250,000

  • Hundreds of students each week will pass through the new main entrance of the expanded residence. Beyond the broad wooden doors is an elegant marble vestibule, providing for a worthy and highly visible setting for a significant namesake opportunity.

Entrance Garden - $72,000

  • Lush greenery and well-maintained shrubs and trees of our entrance garden will set a tone of serenity and security found within the Rutgers Chabad House. A welcoming environment, the Chabad House entrance garden will frame this magnificent structure in the gentle embrace of natural beauty. Dedicating the entrance garden is to merit the gratitude of the countless students who will admire, appreciate, and spend time inside this garden with tranquility and solitude.

Sephardic Synagogue Heichal - $72,000

  • When a Sephardic student walks inside our new Sephardic synagogue, they will feel at home. Please join us in allowing all of our students to have a place of their own. The Heichal holds our sacred Sifrei Torah and serves as the centerpiece of any synagogue. The ornate, artistically crafted Heichal in the new Rutgers Chabad House holds your opportunity to show future generations your commitment to Rutgers Chabad House. Your name on the Heichal will be seen and remembered by each generation of Sephardic students who seek to use the synagogue for prayer, meditation, and the furtherance of their commitment to the Jewish heritage and tradition.

Outdoor Campus Information Sign - $26,000

  • Getting the word out about the Chabad House’s weekly program and daily schedule will require a large, electronic sign. Visible to the entire College Avenue mall, the Chabad House sign will attract and inform students and visitors. Dedicating this valuable addition to the new extension will connect your namesake to the valuable services and resources Chabad House provides the entire Jewish student community at Rutgers.




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