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Friday, December 2, 2022 - 8 Kislev 5783
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Friday, 2 Dec 2022
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Shul Bulletin: April 2015
Pesach - Passover is coming. For your convenience, our Shul has Shmurah Matzah available.  Please call Rabbi Carlebach at 732-922-0042 to order the Shmurah Matzah for your Pesach Seders.

We have recently been very busy with a good number of family Simchot and Yomim Tovim.  Despite the inclement weather, our Purim Party was very well attended, and everyone enjoyed the delicious Purim Feast!   

In addition, we celebrated (in the past month), the Bar Mitzvah of Gary Maimon - with over one hundred people attending the service, the Bat Mitzvah Celebration of Shaindel Carlebach, and a wonderful Friday Night (Turn Friday Night Into Shabbat) together with 600 Shuls nationwide.   Yasher Koach to each and every one of the attendees!

If you wish to sponsor a Shabbat Kiddush for an important life cycle event, please call Rabbi Carlebach to reserve date, 732-922-0042.

If you have any family or friend in need of special “Mi Sheberach” (Get Well Soon Prayer), please email name and person’s mother Hebrew name to rabbi@wayside
We thank the following Members and Families for their recent generous contributions to our Shul; Dr. Olga Maimon,  Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Elbaum,  Mr. and Mrs. Phil Rachmelowitz, Dr and Mrs Norm Einhorn,  Mr Sol and Carin Greenspan,   Dr Charles and Meryl Markowitz,  Dr Martin Fried, and Mrs Ruth Hyman.  May Hashem bless you with every blessing, materially and spiritually.

Refuah Shelaima - Get Well to Susan Epstein, and Howard Walter,   We look forward to hearing good news soon from all ! Amen!

We need your help for the regular Monday and Thursday 7:00 AM Shacharit Services. Please respond by email to rabbi@waysideshul.orgif you can commit ONE morning per month to help ensure our Shacharit Minyan.  It will be a great help to our Shul Family to ensure these services on a regular basis. 

Please don’t forget our Wednesday night Torah Study Group every Wednesday, at 8:00 PM

All are invited to a Grand Kiddush on Shabbat April 18 - Shmini.   The Kiddush is sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Yosef Carlebach in honor if yahrzeit of Rabbi Ephraim Carlebach, OBM

Marvin Goldstein will visit our Shul and will sponsor Grand Kiddush on Shabbat Tazria - Metzora, April 25. And all are invited for this wonderful shul reunion Shabbat. 

Mazel Tov to Mr and Mrs Yossi Teichman upon upcoming marriage of son Guy to Sarah Danielle Cooper in New Rochelle, NY. May you merit to build a beautiful home together on the foundation of Torah and Mitzvot


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