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Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - 14 Shevat 5781
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Moshiach - monarchy or democracy?


Why should we pray for Moshiach to come and restore the monarchy of David? Isn't democracy a more advanced and enlightened form of government?


The Messianic King will draw the best qualities out of each of us and assist us to reach our highest potential.

The first and most important point to realize is that Moshiach's kingship will not be imposed upon the world by force. In Jewish tradition, a king cannot rule unless the people voluntarily choose him as their leader and accept his kingship upon themselves.

Accepting Moshiach's kingship implies that we recognize his superior, G-dly qualities and choose, out of our own volition, to subjugate our will to his. Moshiach's rule will not feel like an imposition or interference with our autonomy. On the contrary, the Messianic King will draw the best qualities out of each of us and assist us to reach our highest potential. Moshiach is the "head" of all the Jews. His soul serves the same role in relation to all the Jews, as does the head in relation to the rest of the body. When the brain sends a signal to the arm to move, one would not say that the arm was coerced into doing something against its will. On the contrary, if the arm would do something contrary to the will of the brain, this would indicate a serious health problem. Similarly, Moshiach will coordinate the people and help us all act in harmony with our true desires.

One problem with democracy as it is practiced today is that we lack truly inspired leaders. Instead, elections are usually fractious and divisive, as each candidate attempts to pander to various interest groups. In contrast, Moshiach is a leader who will expose us to a higher dimension of existence and teach us how to transcend our petty self-interest and reach a sublime level of reality. 



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