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New World Order

When Noah and his family emerged from the ark, approximately a year after boarding it, they found a decimated universe.  The entire world population, including animals, had perished, except for the inhabitants of the ark.  Even the soil of the earth itself had eroded, up to three cubits into the ground.  Out of this chaos, Noah was expected to establish and fashion a new civilization, one that would be governed by rules of morality and discipline, mutual respect and cooperation.

To guide Noah and his descendents in accomplishing this goal, G-d handed down seven laws, as an inheritance to all children of Noah - that is, all mankind alive today.  When G-d gave the Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, he reiterated these seven laws, and charged the Jewish people with the task of teaching and guiding the nations in fulfilling their seven commandments.

In previous generations, the responsibility of teaching the seven Noachide laws to the nations of the world has largely been neglected.  This may have been due to practical reality - the Jews were living among hostile nations who were not receptive to Jewish teachings on any subject, let alone one as fundamental as rules for civilization and morality.   However, in our generation we have seen a sweeping change in the relationship of the nations to the Jewish people, to the point that Jewish wisdom is not scorned, but deeply respected and eagerly sought out.  Under these circumstances, the time has come to implement the teaching of the seven Noachide Laws to all nations.

Publicizing the seven Noachide laws will bring blessing to the world and usher in the era of redemption, when, in the words of Maimonides, "The occupation of the world will be only to know G-d, and knowledge of G-d will fill the earth like water covers the sea."  Non-Jews are included in this prophecy, and in fact, a sincere non-Jew who studies Torah is likened to a High Priest.  By studying the seven Noachide laws and delving deeply into their meaning and interpretations, a non-Jew can derive the full benefit of Torah study and prepare for the Messianic era. 

It is in teaching and publicizing the seven Noachide laws that we can see the full measure of Moshiach's influence on the world.  Other Jewish leaders in history have also induced the vast majority of the Jewish people to follow the laws of Torah.  However, never has there been a time when all nations of the world accepted upon themselves to keep the seven Noachide laws.  It is an innovation of Rebbe, Melech Hamoshiach to reach out to the nations and teach them the seven Noachide laws.  This will ensure that no pocket of the world will be left untouched, and recognition of G-d will spread to all areas.

(Based on an address of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Purim 5747 and other occasions.)



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