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Sunday, January 29, 2023 - 7 Shevat 5783
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A Treatment Called Geulah

Proteins are the components of the cell that carry out all vital life processes. Most drugs work by combining with proteins in some way to either enhance or inhibit their activity. An effective medication only interferes with those proteins that are causing the illness, without disturbing the function of any other vital protein. However, perfect medications are exceedingly rare. Most drugs come with side effects, and it is a delicate clinical decision to prescribe the right drug in the right amount, so that the benefit exceeds the harm.

The benefit of a drug also depends on the strength of the patient to be able to tolerate any side effects that may arise. Some drugs that are effective in basically healthy patients may be deadly in those with heart, kidney or liver damage. The side effects of a medication become clear only after years of clinical trials with both healthy and sick people. Thus, the development of a new drug is a long process that can take years or even decades.


In the spiritual realm as well, people can suffer from various ailments requiring treatment. In past generations, these “treatments” were unnecessarily harsh compared to modern standards – from hitting children as an educational tool, to fire-and-brimstone sermons that threatened the people with horrific suffering for their sins. People also accepted upon themselves all forms of spiritual penance and fasts to expiate their sins and purify their bodies.

Perhaps these methods worked in the past, when the people were strong enough to withstand the inevitable negative “side effects” of such treatment. However, today these approaches are no longer acceptable. Children and adults alike cannot and should not have to withstand physical punishment as a teaching tool. Hitting, screaming and threats are all recognized as harmful and ineffective. Using unpleasant means to drive across our teachings will only traumatize our students and cause emotional damage.

In the workplace as well, managers are recognizing that taking a positive approach towards employees results in greater motivation and productivity, resulting in greater profits for the company.

We can “blame” the fact that a punitive approach no longer works on the weakness of the generation. However, there is another explanation. We are rapidly approaching a time when there will be only good – the time of the true and complete Redemption. A time when there will be no threats, no evil, no sins and no punishment, no illness and no painful therapy. We will experience only good in the truest sense, and our only fear will be a deep-seated respect and awe of G-d.

As we approach this era, the world follows suit, and rejects the negative approaches of the past in favor of kinder, gentler and more nurturing methods.

Think good, speak good, do good – and very soon, the situation will be transformed into the ultimate good.



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