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Why are the eyes higher than your ears nose and mouth?
by Kosher Caffeine
What you do, speak, think, makes a genuine difference, and in that order.

The bible says we are created in the form and image of G-d. Now certainly, G-d isn’t sitting on some great throne, somewhere up in heaven, with a long white flowing beard, looking down at the universe.
G-d is a spiritual force. Something like gravity. You know positively from its effects it’s there, and yet you find it difficult to explain what exactly it really is.

When someone says, this Doctor is bigger than that Doctor, or, this concept is a lot more complicated than another concept, this is all in some spiritual, ethereal manner.

The books of mysticism explain, that in the same way our body comprises many different powers, traits,  faculties, and attributes, G-d who is the source and creator of all those attributes, has that and more, in his own powers. And, it is in the precise order and configuration that those powers are in G-d, that we see them in the human body.

G-d can see all, hear all, speak and communicate, has a generous right hand, which is stronger than the left hand, and all together there are ten fingers and ten toes, corresponding to the ten  sayings with which G-d created the world, and the ten commandments of action, we, are expected to fulfill.

In the book of Job he says, “From my flesh, I perceive G-dliness”. If we have it down here in ourselves, G-d has it up there, is some spiritual form, bigger and stronger, since He is the source. The higher and the closer you get to the essence of G-d, the greater and the stronger is His power. The same it is within G-ds form and image here in this world, the human body.  G-d says in his book the Bible, we humans who are created in His image, have those same powers and in ascending order, within ourselves.

In the form of a human being, we have feet at the bottom of the human configuration and brains at the top.

A person with his faculty of action, his feet and hands, can kick or throw a ball only so far. As we go higher to the faculty of speech, a person can reach way farther with his mouth than he can with his hands. A person can pick up with his nose a scent from way farther than he can reach with his voice. Also scent reaches way deeper in a person than the power of words. With his ears he can pick up way further than he can with his nose, and, with his eyes he can see further out than he can connect with his ears. Here too, what a person decides to look at, will certainly have an effect on himself a lot deeper than what he listens to, even while listening makes its own mark, on one’s character and soul.

As we go up the ranks and levels, the highest most powerful trait within a person are his thoughts. “All, was made with wisdom.”  What a person decides with his free choice to think, and entertain in his mind, will make the deepest most powerful impression on one’s life. It is the highest in our bodies for a reason.

“Know, what is above, comes from you.” In the Zohar it is written, that “above, deals with below, according to the way the below conducts itself. If a person is happy and full of optimism, above will be happy and optimistic with the person …..” 

The power a person has, is because he is an expression and manifestations of G-dliness.  When a person thinks it’s all his own strength he limits his potential. When a person recognizes that he is channeling the power G-d gives each individual, and uses his mind to think G-dly and positive thoughts, he has harnessed a confluence of the most powerful energies in the universe.



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