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Thursday, October 28, 2021 - 22 Cheshvan 5782
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Is Death Unavoidable?

Over the past few years, science has made great strides in answering this question. Today the consensus among experts in genetics and gerontology is that within the next generation or two, it is very likely the human lifespan will be significantly extended. A few critical points are summed up by Albert Rosenfeld, former science editor of Life magazine, in his book “Prolongevity”:

1.       We all have within us a biological clock, a genetic code that determines the onset of aging and the end of life, and also controls the rate of aging.

2.       There is an excellent chance that we will find the location (or locations, more likely) of the biological clock and learn how it functions. This will put us in a position to “manipulate” it to our liking.

3.       All the above will be discovered not in hundreds of years from now, but in the near future.

Dr. Paul Segal, professor of Physiology at the University of Berkeley, California, lists several ways that life can be extended, based on technology that is already in our reach.

a.       Transplants that will enable a continuous replacement of organs as they get damaged or worn out. We are now discovering ways of growing kidneys, livers, etc. in a lab using the person’s own cells, so there is no risk of rejection. There is also the possibility of learning how to repair damaged organs or even rebuild new ones within the person’s own body, without need for surgery.

b.      Regeneration—a process of regrowing cells and tissues. We already have examples of this in the animal kingdom, such as lizards regrowing their tails, starfish their tentacles, and news their limbs. Is there any reason this process can’t be extended, to enable us to regrow entire parts of the body? It may seem like science fiction for now, but it is a current hot area of research and many biological engineers believe it is within the realm of possibility.

c.       Cyborgs—Man/machine combinations. Now don’t panic, this technology is already in wide use today. Think pacemakers or artificial knees. The next generation of prosthetics will feature brain-body interfaces and can be made of materials that give the body supernatural strength.

As much as we try to imagine the future that awaits us, the reality will be far greater than this. Through a succession of miracles, biological life will become eternal, long before scientists unravel all the physiological mechanisms involved. The main innovation, though, will happen in the area of consciousness. We will become aware of the pervading G-dly energy that brings everything into existence. Soon the differences that keep us apart from one another will fade away, as we come to recognize that we are all reflections of one unified Divine energy. When the world enters that phase of Geulah, death will finally be eradicated and we will enjoy eternal life.



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