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Saturday, August 15, 2020 - 25 Av 5780
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Long Live the King!

This Shabbat, we bless the upcoming month of Nissan. Nissan is an exalted month in the Jewish calendar. In addition to being the first month, it is also the month of redemption. Our sages say: "When G-d chose His world, He established the beginnings of the months and years. When He chose Jacob and His sons, He established the beginning of the month of redemption, in which the Jewish people would be redeemed from Egypt and also be redeemed in the future."

Nissan is also connected with the concept of leadership. Beginning from the first day of Nissan, the leaders of each tribe - the Nesi'im - began bringing their offerings to consecrate the Tabernacle. If we put both concepts together - leadership and redemption - it follows that the month of Nissan has a special connection with the leader who will redeem the Jewish people - King Moshiach.

Monarchy, as we generally view it, is an archaic system of government that easily lends itself to corruption and dictatorship. However, in Jewish tradition, there is an intimate, dynamic relationship between the king and his people. On the one hand, the king is elevated above the nation and is selected for his role based on his outstanding personal qualities. At the same time, the king is completely dependent on the people for all his needs. This very dependency produces a unique closeness between the king and the nation.

The king is often referred to as the "heart" of the nation, who imbues the people with life and energy. At the same time, since his kingship depends on the nation's acceptance of him, there is also a flow of energy in the opposite direction, from the people to the king.

It is customary that when a king is crowned, the people declare "Long Live the King." This pronouncement actually gives life to the king and assists him in fulfilling his mission, which is to serve as a conduit of life for the people.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, addressed thistheme on the 2nd of Nissan, 5748, which represented 68 years since his father-in-law, the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, ascended to the leadership of the Chabad movement. The Hebrew word for Chayim, life, has the numerical value of 68. In his talk, the Rebbe made an astonishing statement: When we declare "Yechi Hamelech" - Long Live the King - we grant life to King Moshiach, and hasten the resurrection of the dead. The phrase "Yechi Hamelech" expresses our yearning to see Moshiach immediately. It also serves as a coronation of King Moshiach, since the kingship can only take effect with the consent and desire of the people.

Every Jew has the power to give life to and coronate King Moshiach, because the essence of every Jewish soul, called Yechida, is part of the soul of Moshiach. Thus, saying "Yechi Hamelech" also serves to awaken our own dormant spark of Moshiach and brings us to a state of full desire for the revelation of Moshiach. Today, as we prepare to enter the auspicious month of Nissan, let us declare "Yechi Hamelech" from the depths of our hearts, so that we will merit to see the King Moshiach.



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