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Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - 14 Av 5780
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It Matters to Him
The most burning question for physicists today is why matter behaves so differently on the microscopic level than on the macroscopic. Massive objects such as stars or planets, for example, move in predictable orbits, unlike sub-atomic particles which move according to quantum formulas and seem to appear and disappear at random. Being that massive particles are made up of huge numbers of tiny particles, it’s not clear why there are two completely different set of rules: one for “classical” objects and one for tiny, quantum particles.

To theoretical physicists, it is now clear that there must be a “grand unified theory” that pulls them both together. For decades now, the finest minds in science have been working in laboratories and research institutions to find the unified field theory that will combine the four fundamental forces of nature into one.


The central question of physics bears some resemblance to the age-old question: If G-d is so great, how can He possibly care about things so small? A G-d Who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, Who created the entire world and recreates it at every moment, surely cannot be bothered with petty matters such as if I bought the kosher brand of tuna at the grocery store. Does G-d really care?

And here is where the physicists can come and argue the reverse: Indeed, there must be one supreme force behind everything. G-d created the entire universe, great and small, the atom as well as the planet, and He relates to them all with the same interest and attention. There must be one set of rules that applies to the huge and to the tiny. Yes, G-d does care what I do, as trivial as it may seem. As the supreme Creator, He pays attention to every aspect of creation.

Mitzvot may seem like small actions – but they are the way that G-d enables us to become close to Him and access His greatness. The teachings of Chassidut are a gateway to becoming aware of how small we are and how great we can become. Only through closeness to G-d can we make the leap from finite to infinite.

Yes, it takes a great G-d to care about people like us, our actions, our dreams, our desires. G-d created this world because He wanted a “dwelling place in the lowest realm” – a place where He could connect with His creations, a place where we could dwell in harmony. This is the world we will experience with the ultimate Redemption, with Moshiach.


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