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The Times of King Solomon

Will the state of the world in the time of Redemption be similar to the state in the times of King Solomon?

In King Solomon’s times, the world reached a unique state of perfection. Indeed, Solomon (Shlomo) was called by his name since there was shalom (peace) in his times.

King Solomon’s name was praised throughout the world by all the surrounding nations. Through him, G-d’s name was sanctified as well. A steady stream of people from the most distant lands flocked to the Land of Israel to witness the glory of Solomon and the Holy Temple that he built, and to bask in his wisdom. Chassidic teachings explain that the gentiles that were drawn to King Solomon also brought with them the sparks of holiness that were scattered in their respective nations. Solomon was able to elevate these sparks passively, without having to leave his palace. The sparks came to him, of their own accord.

Moreover, the fact that the gentiles came to visit Solomon was a function of these sparks of holiness. Unwittingly, the people were drawn along by their holy sparks and were inspired with a desire to visit Jerusalem. The Book of Kings describes the visit of the Queen of Sheba to Solomon: “The Queen of Sheba heard the news of Solomon, in the name of G-d.” In other words, the name of G-d that dwelled upon Solomon reached the Queen of Sheba, and this drew her, together with her sparks of holiness, to Jerusalem.

However, although the sparks of holiness were drawn to Solomon, they still had to be brought to Jerusalem in order to be elevated. In the days of Moshiach, we will reach an even higher state of perfection, in which the sparks will be elevated even without reaching Jerusalem. They will remain in their places around the world, and the powerful G-dly energy that will be revealed at the Redemption will cause these sparks to be elevated. As a result, even those nations that are currently in a very low spiritual state will also be elevated. Just as in King Solomon’s times, when the nations were inspired to visit Jerusalem, all the nations will be inspired to recognize G-d, and “On that day, G-d will be One and His name One.”

(Sefer Maamarim Melukat, vol. 6, p. 71)


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