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The deserts will bloom


Will the deserts bloom when Moshiach comes?


The Sinai desert will flourish in the days of Moshiach.


The Midrash lists a number of verses in Isaiah that prophesy that the desert will bloom in the time of Redemption:  “Desert and wasteland shall rejoice over them, and the plain shall rejoice and shall blossom like a rose.”  The desert will be settled, as is stated:  “I will make a desert into a pool of water and a wasteland into sources of water.”  Now there are no trees in the desert, but in the future there will be, as is stated:  “I will give in the desert cedars, acacia trees, myrtles, and pines; I will place in the wilderness boxtrees, firs, and cypresses together.”  Now there are no roads in the desert; in the future there will be, as is stated:  “I will make a road in the desert, rivers in the wasteland.”

Apparently, when Moshiach comes the Sinai desert will no longer be desolate.

Today, the world conceals spirituality.  Kabbalistic teachings explain that the desert, especially, is a spiritual wasteland and the prime location of the kelipot, powers of impurity.  The harsh and dry conditions of the desert are a reflection of spiritual aridity and barrenness.

When the Jewish People embarked on their journeys in the desert, protected by clouds of glory and accompanied by the Ark of the Covenant, they tamed the forces of impurity.  As the verse states:  “Whenever the ark set out, Moses would say, Arise, O Lord, may Your enemies be scattered and may those who hate You flee from You.”  The “enemies” are the spiritual forces of darkness, which were defeated by the ark.

However, so long as the process of taming the impurities of the world is incomplete, the desert remains a wasteland.  When the Geulah will come, the holiness of Israel will expand to the entire world.  This will also affect the physicality of the world, to the point that the deserts will bloom and become inhabitable.

Bamidbar Rabbah, Parsha 23:4.  Yalkut Shimoni, Isaiah, hint 503.  Likutei Torah, Maasei, 89:1


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