Rutgers Chabad Leads Joyous Chanukah Car Parade

(Photo Credits: Harry Glazer)

The cold and damp weather did not deter Rutgers Chabad staff and supporters from holding a joyous Chanukah car parade through the streets of Highland Park, Edison and the Rutgers College Avenue campus on Monday night, December 14. Fourteen cars participated in the parade, including three emergency vehicles from Highland Park.

Rabbi Shaya Shagalow of Rutgers Chabad commented: “Chanukah has always been a time of spreading the light, but by the teachings of Lubavitcher Rebbe, Chanukah took on an entire new meaning, with parades, public menorah lightings etc. Today more than ever, with the pandemic locking people indoors, a parade is so more more powerful and appreciated. By spreading the light we hasten the coming of Moshiach, who will usher in the ultimate light, and this time it will last forever.”

4:47 PM in New Brunswick, NJ
Shabbat Ends 5:48 PM
Friday, 22 Jan 2021

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