Farbrengen w/Bros of AEPi!

Brotherly Love on the Banks of the Ol' Raritan with
Chabad and AEPi

Chabad took to the streets once again last month for a very pleasurable visit with our Brothers over at AEPi in their house at 46 Union St. If you'd like to know the kind of reception i got, well let's just say that Al Gore will have to get used to a new definition of global warming! The minute we drove up to the AEPi House there, the pledges (G-d bless the pledges!) began offering to bring in all the kosher snacks we brought. Then, when we got in, the brothers started rearranging the "furniture" to give the living room a farbrengen ambiance. They were all enthusiastic and kind, patient and totally attentive. The Brothers have a sense of respect that you just don't see anymore these days.

The lively farbrengen featured stories, jokes, interactive discussions, and even singing! We all said a series of heartfelt and meaningful l'chaims to the outgoing President of AEPi, Jordan Richman - who did a phenomenal job this past year with inspiring and organizing great turnouts to community service and social events, to the new President Brad Reiner who is already showing amazing dedication to the Jewish community through his involvement with Chabad and our community service projects, to the Brotherhood, to the continued strong bond between AEPi and Chabad at Rutgers, and to Moshiach now!

8:14 PM in New Brunswick, NJ
Shabbat Ends 9:22 PM
Friday, 21 June 2019

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