After Destruction, New Jersey Torahs Buried

A few weeks ago, a Shul in New Brunswick, New Jersey, was engulfed by raging flames that destroyed everything in its path. In what is described as a miracle, the Shul’s Rav, Rabbi Avraham Mykoff, managed to escape the fiery furnace just moments before the roof collapsed from sheer heat. With him, a Sefer Torah, salvaged from the destruction. Another nine Sifrei Torah and other holy articles could not be saved.

After the fire, Rabbi Mendy Carlebach coordinated with Misaskim to come and sift through the debris for the Sifrei Torah and Sheimos, a project that took days, and collected the nine Sifrei Torah and close to 100 bags of Sheimos.

Since then, the congregation relocated to daven in the nearby Beis Chabad, at Rutgers University.

On Sunday, a mass L’vaya was held to accompany the Sifrei Torah and other holy articles to their burial. Leading the procession were Rabbis Yosef Tzvi Carlebach and Mendy Carlebach, who were instrumental in organizing the burial in a special section of the nearby Jewish cemetery.

Rabbi Avrohom Mykoff of Polie Zedek asked that Rabbi Yosef Carlebach deliver words of inspiration, following New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill‘s speech.

All other community leaders and Rabbis were asked to read a Kapitul Tehillim, including:

Rabbi Mendy Carlebach, Rabbi Yeshaya Shagalow, RabbiBrudny, Rabbi Eichenstein, Rabbi Drucker, Rabbi Bassous, Rabbi Miodownik and Rabbi Swartzburg.

8:06 PM in New Brunswick, NJ
Shabbat Ends 9:12 PM
Friday, 19 July 2019

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