Kitchen Equipment Arrives at "Saker Shoprite Kitchens" Chabad House The kitchen equipment has been delivered for installation in the Giant Kosher Kitchens at Chabad House. The Kosher Kitchens, dedicated by the Saker Family Shoprites, will feature 4400 square feet dedicated to the creation of fine Kosher Dining for all the young men and women seeking Kosher good at Rutgers University.

The kitchens will feature separate areas for milk and meat production,
refrigeration, beverage station, cold storage, and executive offices for the chef.    In addition, 4400 sq ft additional space has been reserved for future expansion in the basement area.

Rabbi Yosef Carlebach, founding rabbi and exec director of Chabad
House, said, "We are thrilled with the opening of the new Kosher
Kitchens, and we are tremendously grateful to Mr. Richard Saker and family for their guidance and assistance.   

Thanks to the Saker
Family, our Chabad House will be able to serve 1000 meals daily and serve our Shabbat guests with elegance and flair as we expand our program.

Pictured are the new fixtures, fire suppression systems, stoves, and
ovens for the new kitchens.

8:06 PM in New Brunswick, NJ
Shabbat Ends 9:12 PM
Friday, 19 July 2019

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